Music Room


Instrumental lessons

If your child would like to start to learn to play a musical instrument, please go to the School Office and pick up a Music Tuition Form. On the form you will see which instruments your child could learn to play. Choose their favourite, fill in their details and hand the form back to Mrs Ronan.

Lessons are £3.08 per child per lesson or £9.25 for a private lesson.

If your child is already receiving music lessons, they will start again on Thursday 7th September.  Lessons will be on the same day as last year. Please ensure that you child’s instrument is in school ready for your lesson.


Choir will be starting again on Monday 11th September. Miss McCreavy and Miss Townson are excited to start the new academic year with lots of exciting songs. They will be working towards a Christmas Concert and Rochdale Music Festival in March.


Amazing African Drums!

This term Year 2 children will be finding out all about Africa. As part of their topic work they will be learning to play African drums called djembes. The djembe (pronounced JEM-bay) is one of the most versatile and widespread percussion instruments on the planet. Its huge popularity is down to the fact that it can create an unusually wide range of pitches, namely the bass (low), tone (medium) and slap (high). These sounds are created by striking different areas of the djembe skin with the hands. We are sure the Year 2 children will enjoy learning to play the djembe and lots of other musical skills. Lessons will start on Monday 11th September. Instruments will be provided in school and will be kept in school.