Eco Council

Our Eco-Councillors are elected by their classmates and do a fabulous job around school, helping us all to look after our environment.  They remind us of the importance of saving energy by turning off the lights when we leave a room and the water taps when we have finished washing our hands.  They encourage us to reuse and recycle paper in school and are looking at ways we can become even more sustainable.

They have taken part in local initiatives such as Litter Picking in the local area and are also working hard to improve our school grounds alongside members of the Gardening Club. They have planted plenty of vegetable seeds ready to go into our raised beds and have talked to Chef Grahame about possibly using some of this produce in the school kitchens.  Their hard work has already earned them RHS School Gardening Levels 1 and 2 – and they are hoping to achieve Level 3 by the end of this year!

This year our biggest focus has been on our Sustainable Journeys Project.  This is where we have been working with Transport for Greater Manchester                         to explore ways we can get children in our school coming to school in more environmentally ways, get more active and keep themselves safe.

The Eco Council worked with Elizabeth from TfGM and Mrs Greenhalgh to produce a Road Safety Assembly which they performed to the whole school on Monday 18th November 2019. They gave everyone lots of tips about how to cross the road safely and how we should behave near the roads around school.

We also arranged for everyone in Key Stage 2 to have some Scooter Training on Tuesday 19th November, 2019. It was huge fun and we all learnt how to ride our scooters properly, wear the correct safety equipment and how to keep ourselves safe on the roads.  We’ve included our assembly presentation so that everyone can share in our road safety advice.

Our next task is to arrange for some secure bike and scooter storage to be installed in school.  This means that more people will be able to travel to school on their bikes and scooters because they will have somewhere safe to leave them during the day.

We are currently doing our research to find the best solution for our school.  We think we have found some brilliant solutions and we will be presenting them to you in the near future. Have a look at our Sustainable Journeys presentation to learn more about it.

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