6B Mr Lomax

Spring Term

The children in Unit 4 are working hard and are completing some excellent work in all areas of the curriculum. As well as working hard in the classroom, the children are looking forward to Saint Patrick’s Day, visiting London and Water Park and many other opportunities and experiences too.


In English, the children are focusing on persuasion when writing letters including work on determiners, noun phrases and emotive language. In other aspects of the curriculum, the children will be writing a character description too. In their reading sessions, the children will be reading a range of high quality texts such as Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead and Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver.


During the term the children will be learning about:

Roman Numerals and time
Translation, scaling
Measurement and volume
Addition and Subtraction, including Statistics
During all maths teaching, there will be an emphasis on number fluency, reasoning and problems solving.


This term, we are learning about the Anglo Saxons. We will be learning about who the Anglo Saxons were, their laws and punishments and about their culture. At the end of the topic, the pupils will demonstrate what they have learned however they wish!