4A Mrs Greenhalgh

Unit 3 – Autumn Term
Welcome back to another action-packed academic year. We begin the term with a topic on ‘A Woman’s Place…?’ Pupils will study the big question – How was World War One a turning point for women? See below for our new Task Bank Challenges which you can complete with your child at home in order to enhance their learning!

In English, initially, we will be exploring how to use a dictionary in order to help us learn. The pupils will also learn elements of grammar and punctuation (such as the use of subordinate clauses and apostrophes) both discretely and in context. Our text based work will largely use the ‘Write Stuff’ ideas of Jane Considine, which encourages pupils to develop writing skills through sentence stacking in quality stories like ‘Float’ and ‘One Boy’s War’. Daily reading sessions at school and home are an essential component in developing a firm understanding of reading strategies. Spellings will be sent home each Friday for testing the following Friday.

In Mathematics, we will focus heavily on elements of place value, addition and subtraction. Our Visual Calculation Policy (which may be accessed through this website) demonstrates the progression in methods which the pupils are taught. It is highly advantageous if pupils are encouraged to learn their times tables up to 12 x 12. Maths homework is given out each Friday, to be returned the following Tuesday (this allows the child to speak to the teacher on Monday if further help is required).

Year 4 will also begin their swimming lessons each Thursday morning (they need: a towel, trunks/swim shorts or a one piece swimming costume – swim hats and goggles may be brought if your child requires them).

This Weeks Spellings

Are /our
Could have
Would have
Should have
Your name and address with capital letters in the correct place

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