1M Mrs Rothwell

Foundation Stage Overview Spring Term Where have all the bees gone?


Understanding the World

We will make observations of animals and plants.  We will look at similarities and differences – between environments and living things.  We will talk about changes over time e.g. growing plants and explain why some things occur. We will look at maps and photographs and learn about the Manchester worker bee.

Communication & Language

We will be listening to stories and non-fiction texts to answer the ‘how’ ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions from our topic. The adults in the class will be supporting us to speak in full sentences and to extend our vocabulary.

Religious Education

CELEBRATING – we know and understand what celebrations are and how the parish family celebrates

GATHERING – we gather together to celebrate at Mass

GROWING – Lent – a time to grow in love


We will continue to build our counting skills. We will be combining two groups and counting how many altogether and finding one more/less than a number. We will use mathematical names and terms to describe 2D and 3D shapes. We will use shapes and objects to create and build patterns and models.

Expressive Arts & Design

We will be carefully observing bees and flowers and creating our own pictures. We will look at the work of John Dyer and reproduce pictures using different media. We will also be singing bee songs and using instruments to support our performances.


We will enjoy an increasing range of books including lots of different books about bees (fiction and non-fiction). In phonics, we will be learning the sounds of each letter. We will be putting sounds together when we hear the sounds and will learn to read words and simple sentences. We will learn which letter families each letter belongs to and practise writing them.  We will be writing our own names, labels, captions and short sentences.

Physical Development

We will be working on our throwing and catching skills.  We will also be performing a waggle dance. Please ensure that all your child’s uniform and P.E. kit is labelled with their name.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

We will learn about the working relationships of bees and thinking about how we can work together like bees do. We will work on solving problems and talk about what is fair and unfair. We will continue to use our learning powers.