Welcome to Class R-KH. I’m Miss Harris, the class teacher and Mrs Rosinska is our class Teaching Assistant. We have 22 children joining our class this year.

Our theme for this half term will be friends and family.  The first text that we will be reading is The Colour Monster so that the children have the opportunity to talk about their feelings and to help them make new friends, and build up relationships so that we feel like one big happy family in our classroom.  Our class is also part of the Unit 1 family, which consists of two reception classes.  We will be getting to know each other and also be able to play outside and work with the children from the other reception class too!

For the first few weeks we will be keeping a very careful eye on how well children are settling into school so that they feel safe, comfortable and are ALL encouraged to progress to the best of their ability.  We will be helping the children follow the routines and rules of school.  We ask that parents and carers do not enter the classroom.  We encourage independence in the children and ask that they take off their own coats and put away their bags without help from an adult.

We are having a big focus on writing.  It is very important that the children can hold their pencil correctly and form their letters in the correct way.  To do this we will be taking part in PE for our gross motor skills and ‘Dough Disco’ and ‘Squiggle While We Wiggle’ for fine motor skills, pencil grip and formation.  We will also be following the Pen Pals handwriting scheme.


  • Uniform – We ask all children to wear a school uniform. In EYFS we wear the same uniform as our friends in the other year groups at St Patrick’s. Our uniform policy is on the school’s website.
  • Names – Please make sure children have their names in all items of their uniform and PE kit. It helps us make sure your child has the correct uniform – you will be surprised how easily things go missing! This includes coats, hats, gloves, scarves and shoes. Initials on a white tag can save lots of time.
  • PE kits These can remain in school and will be sent home at half term.
  • Spare Clothes – All children should have a bag in school with spare clothes, as accidents do happen. This will be left on your child’s peg.
  • Water Bottles – Children should bring a water bottle into school with their name clearly labelled on it. We do ask parents to make sure that the bottle contains only water. They can drink this throughout the day as and when they get thirsty.
  • Book Bag – Once all the children are settled and we have assessed them, they will start to bring a reading book and other activities home. These bags will be stored stacked in a small box so no ruck sacks please.
  • Wet weather Attire – All children need a pair of wellies and a raincoat with their names on. With the fantastic English weather, we can expect lots of rain.

You do not need to bring anything else into school. Fresh fruit is available and water. You may be asked to bring in your favourite story, an item for show and tell, or something else but advance notice will always be given. Please do not bring your home toys to school; we’d all feel so sad if anything happened to them.

Things to do at Home to help prepare for your transition into reception.

We suggest that you could:

  • Phonics – Play I spy, look at phonic songs on YouTube and ask your child what letter sounds animals/object/places begin with. Anything is great!
  • Reading – Read with your child as much as possible and encourage them to discuss their favourite characters and favourite book(s)
  • Writing – Learn to write your name (first and last). Help to create shopping lists.
  • Maths – Draw your child’s attention to numbers and shapes within their environment. E.g., door numbers, shapes of household items Learn to count to 20, learn to count objects to 10.
  • Topic – Discuss family life with your child, including immediate family members along with their visual traits and what makes them so special. We will be also be looking at Autumn, so you can enjoy collecting conkers, looking at the changing colours, autumn animals etc.
  • Draw – Encourage your child to draw lots of pictures and talk about them.
  • Play and sing – lots of ring games such as Farmers in his den, Duck, duck goose. What time is it Mr Wolf? Hopscotch with chalk outside. Lots of nursery rhymes.
  • Practise – putting on and taking off their coat independently, having a go at buttons and zips. Putting on and taking off shoes.

We can’t wait to welcome you all to your new class!

Miss Harris and Mrs Rosinska.

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