Our school vision for teaching Maths

At St Patrick’s, we want our children and their families to develop a positive and resilient attitude towards mathematics as an interesting and valuable subject which will enable them to achieve success in life.  We strive to create a learning environment in which children can confidently learn and achieve, working independently and with their peers. The maths curriculum aims to provide children with the opportunity to develop a curiosity for maths, develop enjoyment and passion for the subject, allow them to understand the world around them and reason mathematically.

Using effective planning, teaching and learning strategies, assessment and knowledge of our children, we aim to develop and extend pupils’ knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts by providing them with a range of learning activities and real life everyday situations.  Electronic and practical resources support the learning process.  We closely monitor pupils’ progress and target work towards the individual’s needs and ability.

In Early Years and Key Stage One, we use Power Maths in our approach to teaching maths, based on a whole-class mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help nurture confidence in maths.  In Key Stage 2, we use Focus Maths.  Throughout the school, we use Big Maths to promote children’s arithmetic fluency and regularly revisit topics throughout the Maths curriculum.


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