Our school vision for teaching PHSE

At St Patrick’s we believe that supporting children to be healthy and happy is key to their learning and development. We believe that our children should develop their understanding of the world and their role in it. Through PSHE, our children will be given the opportunity to develop their ability to recognise and communicate their feelings, including their mental wellbeing, explore their role within school and the wider community and allow them to become more confident, independent members of society with the ability to make sensible choices and live as part of a diverse and multicultural community.

At St Patrick’s School, we believe that children have an entitlement to learn about RSE in a Catholic setting as part of ‘Life’ education. We acknowledge the role of parents and seek to support them through on-going consultation and ensuring that the policy reflects their views.

We use a combination of  Ten:Ten ‘Life to the full’ and PSHE Association materials to ensure that we provide a thorough and robust curriculum.

PSHE Policy

RSE Policy

PSHE & RSE Long Term Plan

RSE National Curriculum

EYFS Development Matters 21: PSED