Dear Parents and carers

A very warm welcome back to St Patrick’s and I hope that you have all had a good beginning. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we were saying good bye to staff and pupils at the end of July. And what a lot has happened since then!

Pupils have grown taller and wiser joining new classes for some and making new friendships.. It was wonderful to see them all arriving with their happy smiling faces. What a credit they are to you. Thank you so much for sending them to St Patrick’s – we are truly blessed that you have the trust and confidence in us that you are willing to share your most precious children with us.

As well as welcoming new pupils, we have new staff as well. On behalf of all the ‘newbies’ thank you so much for the welcome you and your children have given us as we start on our new journey together – what a privilege to be part of the St Patrick’s family already – long may it last

God Bless

C Harrison