Throughout next week our children will re-tell the story of the life of Jesus in the week leading up to his death on Good Friday and joyous resurrection on Easter Sunday. Please come and join us.

 Monday 15th April 2019

YF and Y1 will tell of the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday at 9.00 am and Y2 will tell the story of The Supper at Bethany.

Tuesday 16th April 2019

10.00 am Whole School Mass in St Patrick’s Church – Y3 and Y4 will re-enact events of the Last Supper.

Wednesday 17th April 2019

Y5 and Y6 will retell the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion at 9.00 am . Y5 and Y6 will complete the Easter Story by retelling the joyous events of the Resurrection at 1.15 pm.

Thursday 18th April 2019

7.00 pm Maundy Thursday, Mass in St Patrick’s Church