A Prayer for Marianne written by the children of 6F

Dear God,

We look to you now as we mourn the death of our friend Marianne, Grant us strength to be here for each other, as for most of us it doesn’t yet feel real.

We thank you for our memories of her. It’s easy to still imagine her on the playground: doing cartwheels; singing and laughing; just being a good friend to everyone.

We ask you to care for her because Marianne always cared about everyone. She was a role model for us all, and a proud Pat’s Pal who greeted everyone with a smile.

We especially ask you to look after her friends, family and her parents in these difficult weeks to come.

Lord, we all miss Marianne very much, and we ask you to bring us comfort in the knowledge she will be safe with you in her new home: still practicing her gymnastics.

She is our bright star who will always be shining even in the darkest of skies.

We won’t ever forget you.



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