Eco Council


Our Eco-council elections will be held on Wednesday 13th September.

March 2017

We have been keeping busy ensuring our school is kept clean and tidy by pledging to complete a litter pick every Wednesday lunch time.

In our last meeting we also thought it would be a good idea to create a rota of who empties the recycling bins each day. This was we don’t get confused and we aren’t all doing it every day. The new rota can be found on our display board.

We are looking forward to creating our new action plan so we are ready for our next Green Flag inspection later this year.

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Some of our daily jobs include Checking the bug hotel, Turning off lights that are left on, Emptying the paper recycling bins




Autumn Term 2016

During Autumn term we elected some new Eco-School Council members to join our team. The team of pupils elected a new Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer. Well done to Bradley Wilkinson on being elected to take the lead in our Eco-School Council this year! Olivia Gambles has taken on the role of Vice Chair and George Sutcliffe is very proud to be elected team Treasurer.


We have been working hard to spread the word on saving energy. During November we took part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ where councillors encouraged each class to save energy where possible. The team held an inter-school competition  to see which class would be the most ‘eco friendly.’  The eco councillors monitored classrooms daily and checked if each class had remembered to turn off the lights and save water. Congratulations to 4E – Miss Townson’s class-  who were crowned winners of the award and have got the chance to name our new school chickens when they arrive!

The meter readings were read weekly also so we could keep track of how much energy was being saved in school. This has all been monitored on the detailed graph that Ava has presented and is on show for all to see on the Eco Council display board.

During ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ parents were also asked to sign a ‘light bulb pledge’ to make a promise to try and save energy where possible whilst at home.

We will be continuing work on recycling around the school and our main focus is paper!

As part of the daily jobs for our eco councillors they empty the paper recycle bins and check the bin is being used appropriately and ensure all classes are educated in how to dispose of paper and non paper items properly.
Keep your eye on our page to see what exciting projects we have coming up!


Preparing the school grounds for spring

Minutes from Meetings

Eco Meeting 27th Sept

Eco Meeting 12th Oct

Eco Meeting 8th Nov

Eco Meeting 24th Jan

Eco Meeting 14th March