Caritas Ambassadors

On Monday 23rd January 2017 five children in Unit 3 attended a training day to become Caritas ambassadors for our school.

The day involved Joshua, Evie, Jack, Roisin and Mason  attending The Cathedral Centre at Salford Diocese along with Mrs Campbell for a day of training and commissioning for this special role.

The children attended alongside children from 7 other primary schools from our Diocese. They listened carefully to Sister Judith Rossi explaining how important the role is in our school community and what it involves. The children then brain stormed ideas of how they can carry out their role within our school environment. They had lots of great suggestions and are very keen to get started on their new mission.
The role of a Caritas Ambassador is to promote and develop social action projects within their school, parish and local community. By demonstrating ‘Faith in Action’ they will raise the awareness of Caritas Diocese of Salford.
Keep an eye on our website for the ways in which our new ambassadors are going to deliver their mission to live the love of God in action.