6F Mrs Riley

We hope all the children in Unit 4 have had a fantastic Summer holiday. All of the adults in Unit 4 are excited about the year ahead and are looking forward to, what will be, a busy but enjoyable year. We have lots of interesting activities planned for the Autumn Term, which we will share with the children during the next few weeks. In class the children will be learning about a variety of subjects:
During English, the children will be reading ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo and complete different types of writing relevant to the text. They will be writing letters, reports, instructions and poetry using Private Peaceful to help them with information and vocabulary to include in their own work. The children will also be focusing on grammar skills so they are able to include in their own work.
Linking closely with the English work this term, the children will be learning about World War 1. We will be finding out, initially, why World War 1 began, conscription, the trenches and allowing time for individual research into an aspect of warfare the children are particularly interested in.

During the term the children will be learning about:
• Place value (including Decimals)
• Addition and Subtraction, including problems
• Geometry
• Measures – Perimeter and Area
• Addition and Subtraction, including Statistics
During all maths teaching there will be an emphasis on number fluency, reasoning and problems solving.

Reading Books
There is an expectation that children read or are read to each evening. This is to promote children’s love of reading and encourages discussion around texts. This should also be recorded in their school reading record.

Children will complete a spelling test each week based on a spelling pattern taught in class.
Homework – this will be sent out on a Friday and returned the following Tuesday.
Please bring your PE kit into school and leave it in class until half term when we will send it home after the final PE lesson. We ask that earrings are removed on this day to ensure that no accidents occur.